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Nze na Ozo USA Celebrates Iri Ji Festival on Behalf of Igbos in Diaspora

Iri-Ji (New Yam Festival) is one of the most important cultural festivals celebrated across Igbo Land (Igbo Nation). The name of the event differs from one Igbo Dialect to another but most Igbo Land areas refer to it as Iwa jiIri ji or Ike ji. In Idoma area it is called Orureshi

Right from time Igbos are agrarian in nature and Yam is a very important food crop through out Ala Igbo. In fact many other countries in west Africa have their own versions of New Yam Festival as well

The new yam festival underscores the importance of yam crop to Ndigbo and this particular crop plays a very important role within the food cycle of Igbos. As soon as tasty new yams are harvested emphasis moves away from the old yams to the new yam and generally the festival is to welcome the new yam harvest and thank Chukwu Abiama (God) for the new abundant yam harvest. Traditionally only dishes of new yam are served during the festival

The Nze na Ozo Iri Ji Festival was fully conducted in Igbo Language Indeed there is much hope for the survival of Igbo Language and Culture if the current trend of Igbo Organizations conducting their events and cultural activities in Igbo Language prevails, and we have no reason to believe otherwise. More Igbo Organizations are embracing Igbo Language and Culture.  The Iri Ji Festival was celebrated by Nze na Ozo USA Gburugburu in the city of Baltimore Maryland on August 24, 2019  From all accounts the cultural event drew large and enthusiastic crowd. We at Africa Business World thank the President Onye Isi Nze na Ozo USA Chief Nze Okey Okigweh (Akajiugo ) and the all the Nze na Ozo  members of this great body for putting up this Igbo cultural extravaganza. Oga adili unu mma dikwara Igbo mma Iseeee

Chief Okechukwu P. Oranika (Odezuligbo 1) Reporting

Check the Facebook video of the Festival below through the link


Photo Gallery of Nze na Ozo Iri Ji Festival 2019




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