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The Miss Igbo Universe Story (Nwanyi Manaria Ibeya N’elu Uwa)

The Exciting Story of Miss Igbo Universe (Nwanyi Manaria Ibe Ya N’elu Uwa2019-2020) and its Igbo language connection will be told in Three Phases 1, 2, and 3. Phase 1 will cover brief history of the origin of Miss Igbo Universe Pageant. Phase 2 will cover the Pageant while Phase 3 will cover Igbo Amaka Awards and the Conclusion

Phase 1 Brief History of the Origins of Miss Igbo Universe Pageant

The status of Igbo language and its decline is about to get a boost as our messages of what we must do to reverse the course gets to more Igbo people around the world. We are reaching younger generation of Igbos who obviously like what we are telling them. Our message to them must start with an apology that we their parents failed to teach them our Igbo Language right from their early ages.To our younger Igbo generation we are indeed sorry it is not any of your fault but that of all of us the Igbo Parents who did not do what we should have done by teaching our kids Igbo Language.

But this is a new beginning and as many Igbo online schools and classes gets to the internet any young Igbo adult can start out learning Igbo Language online. The parents of all under age Igbo Children must start speaking Igbo to their children at homeNwanyi Manaria Ibeya 2019-2020

MIU Precious with Organizers

Pageant winner Queen Precious Chizobam Azubuike

Hear the Queen’s message to Ndigbo


First Runner-up winner Jo Ekwuy Orji

Second Runner-Up Winner Ms Charlene Amaka Umeibe

Other Contestants

Some VIPs at the Crowning Ceremony

The history of how we got to Miss Igbo Universe (Nwanyi Manaria Ibeya N’elu Uwa) goes back to 3 years. After we came up with creating Igbo Cultural Heritage Festival we have always wanted an Igbo Queen to assist us in our “Subakwo Igbo” message which would help us reach younger generation of Igbos. Someone who is young and understands and speaks Igbo well would obviously help us advance this idea we reasoned.

The first Igbo Cultural Heritage Festival was organized by Nwannedinamba USA in Maryland. I asked Ms Chioma Ogueri if she could send the winner of her Pageant to make appearance in Maryland so as to fill the gap for this need. She agreed and we thank her for asking the winner of her pageant in 2017 Miss Jessica to make appearance at our event. She did and was well received as the audience gave her standing ovation

Photo of Jessica at the Maryland Event in 2017

Then in 2018, the second Igbo Cultural Heritage Pageant was staged in Los Angeles organized by Umu Ada Di Igbo Mma under the leadership of Chief Helen Duruhesie (Oputaozuo). In that same year, Chidinma Emenike had a new winner of her Pageant Miss Igbo America by name Chisom. I also asked Chidinma if she could send Chisom to our event in Los Angeles. She said yes and we thank her for that and she came with Chisom to Los Angeles and Chisom received sustained applause from the audience when she spoke about the need to preserve Igbo Language

After the Los Angeles event I had series of conversations with Lolo Chi Chi Nnamah the President of Umu Ada Di Igbo Mma Washington D.C Chapter and we both talked about the need for organizing a Pageant of our own to have a Queen who could go round encouraging every Igbo Person she could reach on the need to speak Igbo language to other Igbos when holding conversation. Chi Chi has the same level of zeal and interest about saving Igbo Language and Culture as I do, I knew immediately that we can do this. We also invited Chief Chike Nweke as part of the Committee and he did join us but due to the magnitude of his work, (he runs the Life and Times Magazine, Los Angeles) he informed us at some point that he would not continue. We appreciate all the help Chike gave us.

So the work of staging this global reach event fell on the two of us, Lolo Chi Chi Nnamah and Chief Okechukwu Oranika. It was a daunting task but we continued knowing that God would see us through because our job was indeed sanctioned by our creator to draw maximum attention of the Igbo World on the need to save our Igbo language and culture  . We thank Samuel Olekanma of Maryland for the help he gave us in the area of Publicity. In the end we achieved all of our goals and objectives thank God for that.

Story Written by Chief Okechukwu Oranika (Odezuligbo 1)

Coming up Next is Phase 2 Story dont miss it!


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