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ABW Exclusive Interview with Chinyere Udoma-Performing at Igbo Diaspora Festival Sept 1-3 Maryland

Okechchukwu Oranika had a conversation with Ada Chinyere Udoma in an Africa Business World Exclusive VIP and Celebrity Interview series.  Here below is the full interview brought to you by Africa Business World.

1 Oranika: Ada Chinyere Kedu ka I mere
Chinyere:Odi mma  ka anyi bunye Chukwu nnukwu ekene
2.Oranika: I like to thank you for agreeing to do this short notice Africa Business World Exclusive Celebrity Interview
Chinyere: I appreciate the opportunity to talk to Africa Business World
3. Oranika:  As one of the top performers in the Gospel Music Genre we are grateful you took some time out of your busy itinerary to do this important interview with us
Chinyere: Its always good to find time to talk about important issues facing Ndigbo particularly issues concerning Igbo language and CultureChinyere Udoma 3
4. Oranika: How is your music career going?
Chinyere:it is going very well with many engagements. I am grateful to God for all his blessings.
5 Oranika: The Igbo Diaspora has launched a global Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival which will be an annual event to be staged in different cities each year. For instance this year we are staging it in Washington DC/Maryland and next year in 2018 it will take place in Boston, Massachusetts  and Atlanta Georgia will stage it in 2019, while Houston Texas would host in 2020. Have you heard of this very positive news about the festival?
Chinyere: Incredible news, many of us at home are happy that the Igbo brethren in the Diaspora are carrying our language and cultural traditions along with them. Regarding the Igbo diaspora cultural heritage festival yes I heard about it through the Crown Prince HRH Igwe Ejiamatu. I am happy the festival has host cities already for the next four years, very good news indeed.
6.Oranika: The goal and purpose of this event  is to focus on ways and means to keep Igbo language and Culture alive for future generations.As you may already know an agency of the United Nations has predicted that Igbo language along with other selected world languages would be going extinct in few decades to come because Igbos no longer communicate in Igbo. What are your thoughts on this?
Chinyere: I am particularly happy about the goals and objectives of this event. It is very unfortunate that many of our Igbo brothers and sisters often find it more convenient to use English language in their daily conversations.There is no justification for us abandoning our God given language and culture which for all intents and purposes is our identity for who we are. Any group that loses their language and culture have lost it all.So I am happy at these positive developments here in the Igbo diaspora
7.Oranika: We are very grateful to one of our Patrons, The Crown Prince High Chief Alexander Chukwudimma Nwokeabia, Igwe Ejiamatu 1 of Ugwuoba, Enugu State  who connected me to you. Igwe Ejiamatu and his entire family have done so much to advance the cause of Igbo language and Culture globally. He suggested that I speak with you about making an appearance in Washington DC/Maryland on labor day weekend September 1-3, 2017 when Igbos from across the United States, South Africa, Nigeria and more assemble for this very important event.Would you be coming to grace this event?
Chinyere: I am happy to be a part of this great event. I am also thankful to HRH Igwe Ejiamatu for connecting me with you and the festival organizers. By God’s grace I will be in Maryland/Washington DC this coming Labor Day weekend September 1-3. I am excited and looking forward to participate through my musical performances praise be to God.
8 Oranika: You are an enigma in Gospel music and you have a huge following among Igbos and others here in the Diaspora including me (Hahaha). What is your latest album?
Chinyere: I am happy to learn that I have so many fans in the Igbo Diaspora. Again it is all the will of God with whom all things are possible. Stay tuned my latest album will be coming out soon, before the end of December this year.
9. Oranika: What is next for Chinyere any thoughts of combining your successful  music career  with Nollywood acting?.
Chinyere: I am focusing on my music career now and will leave any future undertakings to God
10. Oranika: Africa Business World and Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Planning Committee would like to thank you Chinyere for agreeing to perform at this extraordinary event in September 1-3 in Maryland/Washington DC USA. We look forward to seeing you at the festival.
Chinyere: Thank you Prof. Oranika, and Africa Business World, it’s an honor and privilege to do this interview with you.
11 Oranika: Thanks Chinyere Remain Blessed !


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