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Anaedo Atlanta on The Move-You are invited

Umunnem na Umunnam you are all cordially invited to the coming Cultural Extravaganza taking place on April 1, (9pm) 2017 at the Igbo Community Complex in Mableton Ga. Anaedo Atlanta is celebrating its 10-year Anniversary and unveiling and launching their brand new CD wax to commemorate this event. The musician Chinedu Nwa Ogbaru who composed this special album is flying in from overseas for this special event. You guessed right, it will be an extraordinary event and will be packed. A fun night awaits you on April 1st (Not April Fool) Hahaha!

Great Night of cultural entertainment, good food, drinks (Please drink responsibly) bring a comfortable dancing shoe too ! Please note that this is an all adult event !


About Anaedo Atlanta

Anaedo Atlanta established through the efforts of Sir Joseph Aralu and others  is one of the US chapters of Anaedo Social Club of Nigeria one of the traditional Igbo Social clubs formed in Igboland during the sixties. Along with The People’s Club both clubs attracted membership from Who is Who in Igboland. Let me cease this opportunity to debunk the wrong impression out there that Anaedo is a club for our Nnewi brethren only. While their root is from Nnewi where they also have their National Headquarters,  any Igbo man or woman can join but the organization emphasizes good ethical qualities in aspiring members. Having said that let me also say that Anaedo needs few more Good Men and Women in their membership ranks. Contact Anaedo PRO Ngalakwesili Rita Udechukwu to join. Tell her Okechukwu Oranika encouraged you to join. Email Rita at :

Written by Okechukwu Oranika


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