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Attorney General Barr is Hiding Damaging Items to Trump from Mueller’s Report

The two year Robert Mueller Report is finally released, the latest New York Times Report says the  Attorney General did not release items damaging to the President. “Some investigators who worked with Special Counsel Robert Mueller have said Attorney General William Barr did not accurately summarize the findings of their probe, as what they reported was more damaging to President Trump than Barr indicated,

“Barr wrote in his summary that Mueller did not establish that there was any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials, but was unable to exonerate Trump of obstruction”.

“The House Judiciary Committee voted along party lines on Wednesday to authorize the chairman to issue subpoenas for the full special counsel report and underlying materials, setting the stage for a potential legal battle between congressional Democrats and the Trump administration”.

One wonders what Barr is hiding, why not release the full report and let Americans read and judge for themselves. Majority of Americans want the full report released according to new poll on this matter


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