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Biafrans Participated in the Irish St. Patrick Day Parade–see Videos on ABW

The Biafran community in Ireland had one less worry about the possibility on being shot by the Nigerian security forces as the marched along other nations represented at the St. Patrick Day Parade 2016. St Patrick Day celebration is always a big event, not only for Irish people but also celebrated across much of the world. Many countries take part in St Patrick Days parades. This years celebration in Ireland was very significant for one reason. The Biafrans in Ireland marched hand in hand in the St Patrick Day March of nations. The sang Biafran patriotic songs and the Biafran Anthem in an emotional ceremony, as they marched along the parade route at the ancient city of Waterford, Ireland.

Biafra freedom movement marches in solidarity with Irish people worldwide on St Patrick Day’s parade in the ancient city of Waterford, Ireland, Thursday 17 March 2016

See the full video of the St. Patrick Day Parade.

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