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Breaking News-New Drug Remdesivir for treatment of Coronavirus

Dr. Anthony Fauci Director NIAID

A global study of Remdesivir shows that this drug has some effect in blocking Coronavirus from replicating in the body. In a news conference, Dr. Anthony Fauci Director of NIAID who is the United States leading expert on Communicable Diseases said this is the best news in Threapatics right for Coronavirus right now. The Phase 1 study was just concluded according to the released news. Remdesivir is proven to block the Coronavirus in the human body. The study included 1,000 people with Coronavirus and this drug cut down the recovery time for people with Coronavirus disease compared with the placebo group. This is very good news so far for the treatment of Coronavirus on the table. The US Food and Drug Administration is currently talking to the Drug manufacturer Gilead Sciences and may issue emergency approval today or tomorrow.

ABW will Report more when more news becomes available.

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