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Biden/Harris could Facilitate Biafra Referendum if they win

Nikolas Ajagu from Nimo, Anambra State with wife (Meena Harris) and children posing with Kamala Harris


I have often suggested to some of our brothers and sisters in IPOB that Trump may not facilitate  the attainment of Biafra because of the following reasons

He may not be in the White House after 2020, but many of our brothers and sisters in IPOB understandably have placed so much hope on Trump to the point that many Biafrans are praying hard for Trump to win re-election. If I may ask, what effort has Trump made towards the issue of Biafra in the past three and a half years that he has been in office?

The issue of Biafra will eventually be taken up by the United Nations when the time comes hopefully sooner than later. Nevertheless, the President of the United States can help through lobbying other countries and heads of states to support the Biafra Referendum when the matter comes up

Most African votes including Igbo votes in the United States would not be cast for Trump in the coming Presidential election. The President has angered most leaders in Europe and elsewhere that many may not even support any idea coming from Trump so he has a very negative effect right now on the world stage

IPOB should stop openly embracing Trump for President for these reasons I understand that many of our people in IPOB in Nigeria and other places do not understand the internal dynamics of American socio-political conundrum and its ramifications for Presidential elections so their wishes alone will not win the election for the President.

What I will advise IPOB and other Biafra activists to do is to begin building bridges and connections with the Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who is most likely going to win the November 3 US Presidential election. More importantly, Biafra Independence efforts and activities should focus on the United Nations.

Kamala already understands some of our problems in Nigeria. Her niece is married to an Igboman Nikolas Ajagu from Nimo in Anambra state, so they already may have some emotional connections to problems facing us. If they win, they will restore America’s respect and prestige across the world which may create a positive environment for the Biafra issue making it easier for countries to support the Biafra Referendum in the United Nations.

Okechukwu Oranika is Retired Professor of Political Science and Public Administration  at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix Arizona



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