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Chisom Selected as Role Model for Igbo Diaspora Heritage Festival

Chisom Oforah Miss Igbo America 2018 Star of Igbo Language and Culture 

The new Miss Igbo America 2018 winner Miss Chisom Oforah has been chosen by the Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Committee as a great role model to assist us in reaching younger generation Igbos who may be inspired by her achievements in the area of Igbo language and Culture. Chisom fits the profile of what the Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Committee is seeking for ie a young intelligent and articulate Igbo born in the Igbo Diaspora who understands and speaks Igbo Language.

Miss Igbo America Pageant Founder and Director Miss Chidinma Emenike informed us that she would be available to perform such roles when the need arises. Speaking to Chisom’s mom she told us about the great desire shown by young Chisom even as a young teenager she prefers listening to Igbo music instead of Rap music often popular with teenagers her age. Her mom also told us that her daughter was always drawn to anything Igbo  infact when we the Judges asked Chisom to name one thing that is often associated with an Igbo person she responded in Igbo of course “na Ndigbo na agba mbo rinne” meaning that Igbos are known for their hard work, an answer that greatly pleased the audience.

Chisom would appear on stage for a standing ovation at the 2nd Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival coming up August 17-August 18 2018 at the Proud Bird Center and Holiday Inn Express both in Los Angeles California. The sky is the limit for Chisom already a Nollywood director has promised her a role in a new Nollywood movie.

Asusu Igbo ga adi Iseeeee!


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Do You Need a New Penis? New Penis Transplant Technology is Here

According to an article in the US News and World Report, “Doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital are preparing to perform a penis transplant – a first in U.S. medicine – for an American soldier who sustained a genital injury in an explosion during a deployment.”

The soldier, whose name has not been released, will undergo the surgery in the next few weeks, Reuters reports. Currently, doctors are looking for a donor similar in skin tone and age. The surgery might encompass replacing the scrotum, part of the abdominal wall, groin tissue, part of the inner thigh and reconnecting nerves and blood vessels.

ABC News says doctors hope the new penis will become fully functional in six months to a year after transplantation.

More than 60 other wounded servicemen are also waiting for a chance to have a penis transplant, the Washington Post Reports. Over 1,300 military servicemen encountered genital injuries between 2011 and 2013 in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the Defense Department’s Trauma Registry, .

The first successful penis transplant took place in South Africa in 2014​. In the U.S., Johns Hopkins is reserving ​the surgery for servicemen injured during deployment.

Source: US News and World Report

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