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Covid-19, influx of Fulani to Biafra land, 30th of May and the urgent call to declare Biafra — By C. K. Ekeke

The staff at Leadership Wisdom Institute sat down with our President and CEO – Reverend Dr. C. K. Ekeke to talk about Coronavirus – aka – Covid-19, Biafra and other issues pertaining to Nigeria and Africa.

It has been about five months since we chatted last.  Time flies.

Q1: Let us begin this talk with coronavirus – aka Covid-19, a deadly and pandemic virus that is ravaging the entire world and profoundly impacting the state of global economy, politics, social, cultural and religious life. How has coronavirus pandemic affected your life?

Thank you for the privilege to chat with you again.  Yes, time flies.  The last time we conversed was in December 2019, when I shared my thoughts about the political and leadership challenges Nigeria is faced with and the need to free Biafra from Fulani conquest. That was almost five months ago.

Sadly, today, those challenges have worsened with the novel foe called coronavirus – aka Covid-19, a Chinese virus that has impacted the entire planet, infected millions with nearly six million dead around the world, devastated nations’ economies and profoundly impacted global health and social life.

We are living in uncertain and perilous times – a period of pestilence and plague according to the Holy Book – Bible.  All of our lives have been profoundly affected because of Covid-19.  This was unexpected.  Unfortunately, our so-called prophets and men of God never prophesized about this pestilence that will touch every country and nations of the earth.  There is no doubt that the year 2020 will go down in history as one of the darkest times and worst years in human history.

My family is doing well. I hope yours too are safe and healthy.  We are grateful and for me personally, I give thanks and praise to Chukwu Okike Abiama for life, good health, friends and family.  His grace and mercies are new every morning; great is His faithfulness. Psalm 91 has been our hedge of protection against this deadly Chinese virus and the unseen enemy.

Why do you call it Chinese virus?

Because the outbreak is believed to have started in early December 2019 at a seafood and meat market in Wuhan Province of China. Therefore, let us call it what it is and stop this cowardly political correctness and weak diplomacy.  If this virus had started in Africa, it world have been called African virus or Africa coronavirus – just like AIDS, HIV, Ebola, etc.  Despite the fact that Chinese government hid facts about coronavirus, the World Health Organization (WHO) still politely and diplomatically named it Coronavirus – aka – Covid-19 without any attachment to China even though the deadly virus was hatched in Wuhan laboratory, which eventually spread to the life seafood and meat market in Wuhan – a province of nearly 18 million residents.

Like the Spanish flu that killed 50 million people worldwide between 1918 and 1920. It was called Spanish flu, also know as the 1918 flu pandemic, because it started in Spain and spread to the entire known world then. So, why do we not want to call this Chinese Coronavirus?

Q2: I have read many theories and conspiracies about Covid-19, that it is part new world order designed to reduce world population, that it is being caused by 5G technology, and that Bill Gates vaccination is designed to kill millions in Africa, etc.  Too many conspiracies in social media.  What is your take?

I have read some of those theories and conspiracies as well.  However, I do not want to spiritualize it yet, but the fact is that there is something sinister about Covid-19 virus. This deadly virus was hatched in Wuhan laboratory probably designed to decimate millions in Sub-Sahara Africa where monkeys and baboons live but unfortunately, the virus infected some of the people working in the Wuhan lab, which spread to entire province.

In early December, the Chinese officials quickly restricted travel in and out of Wuhan, where the outbreak originated, to contain the virus – but before they could do that, it spread rapidly to other regions and provinces in China and neighboring Asian countries, including Japan, South Kora, Thailand, and Singapore.

In early January, according to New York Times report, the US Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) sent a team of researchers to Washington State to investigate a man who came in a contact with a traveler from Wuhan, China, hospitalized for coronavirus infection.

The Chinese government hid the facts and with cover–up by World Health organization (WHO), which is led by an African man from Ethiopia, said the outbreak in China didn’t pose a global risk.

Within days, the CDC said, it considers this is a serious public health concern based on tests developed during their investigation.  The CDC also said it would continue to monitor the spread of the potentially deadly after the World health Organization (WHO) said an outbreak in China didn’t pose a global threat and risk.

Let me say one more thing about this. The U.S. CDC and other Centers for Disease Control and Prevention around the world always listen to World Health Organization before making policies to restrict travels and ban movement of goods and services. The WHO did not consider Covid-19 a global health pandemic until mid March 2020, when thousands have been infected and several thousands had died in the U.S., already, especially in New York City, Washington State, Massachusetts, Georgia, etc. leading in the number of infections and deaths.

Today, about 5.6 million have died and several hundred million people infected with Chinese Coronavirus due to corrupt governments, cowardly leadership and evil men in position of power and authority. And there is no end in sight yet.

Regarding the satanic plan of the globalists and one-world order of which Bill Gates is a major stakeholder in their evil and satanic plan to exterminate Africans, the Covid-19 was a perfect one.  They had tried with AIDS, Ebola, etc., their evil and satanic plan did not succeed even though these man-made viruses always killed thousands and continues to kill, but then Africa continues to survive, overcome and reproduce.  The Covid-19 will be a big disappointment to them also.  It is really shameful that a man so blessed with wealth and intelligence cannot find other ways to help Africa with birth rate policies and population control but to sponsor deadly viruses to kill able-bodied African men and women.  And then someone will argue that hell fire does not exist and that God is so good that He will not put people there for eternity for their treachery and wickedness.

These kinds of people and off-course African political leaders especially Nigeria political elites will be judged by the Righteous God of heaven and I vision them abundant and prominent in hell fire.

The 5G technology is a suspect but not the cause.  It may have some negative effects in the environment and affect human immunology but does not cause coronavirus.

Q3: How have governments responded to cushion the economic fallout from the epidemic?

Which government are you talking about?  I have read reports from Nigeria and it is nothing to write about. In fact, more people have been killed by Fulani herdsmen and Boko haram in army uniform than coronavirus.

Moreover, many have died due to draconian lock-down policy placed upon the people.  The lockdown policy have sent many to their early graves – and I know one or two cases that I can tell you in this interview.  For instance, one of my nephews – a young man who just graduated from Abia State University with a degree in Computer Engineering, died of Asthma attack because of lock down.  He could not go out to buy the inhaler from a chemist store due to silly and senseless lockdown imposed by the State and Federal Government.  He died as a result of lockdown – a young man with a promising career.  That’s Nigeria for you.

The money that were contributed by billionaires – sadly enough, most of them were Biafrans, to support the government to fight coronavirus were channeled and shared in north and most of it embezzled by Fulani cabals and the office of Federal Income Revenue Service (FIRS) was burnt down afterwards.

Even though Biafra is not an established nation yet, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu announced a 300 million Naira to feed and support the most vulnerable Biafrans in this time of Covid-19 and senseless lockdown of the State by the Nigerian State.  Thousands of bags of rice and assorted food items from IPOB worldwide were shared in Biafra land – including Edo State.

Also several communities in Diaspora tasked their people to contribute money to support and feed their extended families in Biafra land since our women can longer go to their farms because of Fulani herdsmen are now occupying those farmlands currently or the women risk being raped and killed.  This is the abomination the political elites in Igboland have put our people into because of their slavish and coward leadership.

I have also read reports from other African nations like Ghana, South Africa, etc., and how the government responded to help its citizens

In the U.S., where I reside, the response has been excellent.  Despite that thousands have died because the facts of this deadly disease was  not disclosed early by the Chinese, the Trump administration along with the State Governors, Mayors, etc. have done very excellent job.

Even though restrictions such social distancing, hand washing, proper hygiene, and lockdown of certain business were enforced, yet, many business considered essential like Grocery and Food stores,  Gas Stations, delivery Trucks, etc. were allowed to operate. In the March, President Trump declared a national emergency making a $50 billion federal funds available to combat the virus. The President briefed Americans daily from war-room – sometimes more than once day – taking questions from journalists on what are being done to protect Americans and to cushion the financial constraints of not getting a pay check.

The State Governors, Mayors, and Local Government leaders were also briefing their constituents on daily basis through speaking on TV, Radio, broadcast phone messages, websites, etc. giving updates on number of infected, number od deaths, hospitalizations, where to test, what to do to protect yourself, where to busy essentials items, and so on.

A week later in mid March, President Trump signed an economic relief bill a $2 trillion to ensure free Covid-19 testing and bolster unemployment insurance.   By early April, All Americans started receiving their Covid-19 stimulus checks directly paid into their Bank account or sent by mail.

Today, businesses are beginning to open in several states and Americans are beginning to go back to work – although it will take time to  return to normality again – it will take some probably years.

Q4:   The National Assembly is currently debating on mandatory bill for vaccination. Has any country produced any vaccine to cure coronavirus?

As far as I know, no nation has produced a vaccine for Covid-19. Recently, we read about Chinese cyber attack trying to steal scientific information from American scientists working on Covid-19 vaccine.  But the Nigerian government welcomed the so-called Chinese doctors in Nigeria in April and since then hundreds if not thousands have been infected with coronavirus.  And now, the Fulani cabals are been secretly dispatching those Almajiris infected with Covid-19 in the North to Biafra land, where the Chinese were refused to vaccinate the people.  This shows you the hypocrisy of one-Nigeria and why Nigeria must be dissolved and disappear from the face of the earth.

The political elites in Nigeria are the most evil and wicked people on planet earth.  If I had the power, I’ll send all of them to eternal hell fire, which I know most of them will end up there anyways.

Nigeria is a fraud, a lawless, leaderless and failed contraption.  As we chat, there is no president, no vice president, no chief of Army Staff, etc.  The Fulani cabals and Myetti Allah terrorist sect are in charge of Nigeria currently.  I do not expect any leadership in a country without men of honor, honesty and integrity.  What we have are dishonorable politicians and coward citizenry.  Nigeria is a failed State with gullible citizens. It must be dismantled immediately and out of the ashes of that hell, the captive indigenous Peoples can be freed. Nigeria is the reason Black people do not have respect any where in this world and treated with disrespect, dishonor and death.

A brilliant Jewish Harvard professor and founder of the center for public leadership, Harvard Kennedy School told me that in 2013 that someone needs to get angry in Nigeria.  I asked him why – which was a stupid question.  He said for the past 100 years and more, Africa has not made any tangible contribution to humanity. And then he added, see the kinds of people you allow to lead, rule and govern you in Nigeria and most of Africa.  How can you develop and contribute to society.   Now, that we have a God-sent – Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who is angry about Nigeria and wants to free his people, the Nigerian State, some Igbo political slaves and corrupt Yoruba media are attacking and working day and night to destroy IPOB or kill Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.  Nigeria is a cursed entity, an abomination and must be destroyed.

Q5: Let talk about the Almajiris influx to Biafra land and the siege in which Biafra land is currently under. Is this the Islamization and fulanization and jihad and genocide about to be unleashed upon Biafrans?

I cannot believe what’s happening in Southeast and so-called South-south – essentially Biafra land today.  The Almajiris, probably most of them infected with coronavirus, the Fulani terrorists led by Myetti Allah, Boko haram released from prison and Islamic State of West Africa are being dispatched to Biafra land – for whatever reason, no one can explain or give reason for such incursion of these Fulani terrorists into Biafra land other than for final push for jihad and conquest of the region and to deep their Koran in the Atlantic ocean.  That was the vision and desire of their fore-fathers to conquer and fulanize Nigeria.

The South – especially Biafran region has been fighting against Fulani enslavement. We have fought against grazing bill – designed to establish cattle grazing all over Nigeria, RUGA – establishment of Fulani villages across Nigeria, Life stock transformation scheme designed to take over your water ways, the 100 billion Naira that was given to Myetti Allah – a terrorist organization without explanation what the money was meant for and now, the closing of borders in the entire South (SW, SE and SS), while the borders are opened and free in the north for Fulani all over Africa to come into Nigeria. And after the speech of Mallam Jubril Aminu Al-Sudan, who impersonates the late Mohammadu Buhari in Cairo, Egypt where he announced that the Fulani are free to come to settle in Nigeria without visa. And now, we are seen droves of Fulani coming from all part of Africa to live in our bushes and forests instead of in our towns and communities.

Today, these Fulani terrorists have come Chad, Mali, Niger, Guinea, Senegal, Cameroun, and the Sahel and living in our bushes and forests, which is an abnormality.  How do people live in bushes and forests they do not own or acquired from the owners?  This is absolute craziness.  This is Nigeria for you – a lawless and abominable entity.  These infected Almajiris and Fulani terrorists living in the bushes and forests in Biafra land is not just a desecration of our culture and customs but a destruction of our livelihood and natural assets.

Who do we blame for the desecration, atrocities and abomination going on Biafra land today?  I blame Azikiwe and the crop of Igbo political slaves who are prostituting for meaningless power and crumps from Fulani cabals.

Earlier this year, in February, a Fulani group that calls itself the Fulani Nationality Movement on Sunday (FUNAM) boldly issued statement claiming ownership of all lands from Sokoto to the Atlantic Ocean in the south, and also gave a notice of planned conquest of the entire territory called Nigeria.

Essentially foreigners who came to settle in Nigeria in the 1800’s now claiming that Nigeria belongs to them. The Fulani were not originally inhabitants of the North but strangers who came from Futa Toro and Futa Jalon in Guinea and later settled in a tiny area of the north and from there multiplied. Uthman dan Fodio settled in Sokoto from where he assembled a Fulani army to lead jihad against the Hausa kingdoms of the north of Nigeria. The forces of Usman dan Fodio slowly took over the Hausa kingdoms, capturing Gobir in 1808 and executing Yunfa. The war resulted in the creation of the Sokoto Caliphate, headed by Usman dan Fodio, which became one of the largest states in Africa in the 19th century. His success inspired similar jihads in Western Africa (Wikipedia).

On October 12, 1960, eleven days after the independence of Nigeria from Britain, Alhaji Ahmadu Bello speaking from Mecca in Saudi Arabia, said:

“The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great-grandfather, Uthman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities of the North as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us, and never allow them to have control over their future.”

By the way, Nigeria is an amalgamation of nearly 400 variant ethnic groups, how does such a country with variant Indigenous peoples become an estate of their great-grandfather, Uthman Dan Fodio?

In 2019, Hon. Farouk Adamu, another Fulani told journalists that the “oil in Bayelsa belongs to Jigawa. The oil in Delta belongs to Jigawa. And we shall do everything in our power even our blood to make sure that we get uninterrupted supply of the oil in Bayelsa and Delta.”

The Arewa and Fulani cabals have been making these kinds of incisive, insensitive and senseless statement and the various Indigenous Peoples and their leaders say or do nothing about it.  The north has been making this hateful, inflammatory and satanic statements.  And even today, the loatheful speeches and statements of northern caliphate against the people of Biafra and Igbos in particular can fill a book. And so, the Ahmadu Bello speech of October 12, 1960 and the systemic and satanic policies that the Fulani jihadists pursued in Nigeria since then have led to the hellfire that Nigeria has become and will ultimately lead to its downfall and demise.

When the British colonial masters handed over political leadership to a non indigenous people of Fulani Caliphate after Nigeria’s independence in 1960, to maintain control of the land, they did not know what they were doing. Today, Nigeria is ongoing total islamization and fulanization – essentially Allah/Sharia system of government. The Fulani Caliphate has essentially hijacked all aspects of government in Nigeria, in addition created and sponsor well-known deadly terrorist sects namely – Boko Haram, ISIS of West Africa, Fulani Herdsmen and Myetti Allah. These murderous terrorist sects have killed thousands of Christians and Indigenous Peoples of Nigeria including Muslims who betray their ultimate goal to establish Sharia government. These groups are also responsible for the killings in the entire sub-Sahara Africa including what’s happening now in Mozambique and other African nations.

Last month, a tiny group of Muslims in Mozambique issued this statement: “We want everyone here to apply Islamic law. We want a government from Allah.”

In his classic book – Slavery, Terrorism and Islam, Dr. Peter Hammond – a South African Missionary writes, “The ultimate goal of Islam is not to conquer the world but to establish Sharia over the entire world.”

It is important that we understand that the intent of Islam is not so much to convert people to Islam but to rule over them.

A famous Islamic scholar and Iman, Abul A’la Maududi said recently, “Islam wishes to destroy all States and governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and program of Islam regardless of the country or the nation which rules it.”

The purpose of Islam he said, “Is to setup a State on the basis of its own ideology and program.”

Dr. Hammond in his classic book, continues, “The primary aim of Islam is not spiritual but political.”

He lays out the summary of how Muslim populations have historically behaved when entering into a country as refugees or immigrants. It is a process he called – Islamization.

He writes, “At 1% of any given country, Muslims will be regarded as peace loving minority and not as a threat to anyone. At 2% and 3%, they begin to proselytize of other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups with major recruiting from jails and among street gangs. From 5% on, they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population. They will work to get ruling government to allow them to rule themselves under Sharia.”

From there it gets worse fast. “When Muslims reach 10% of the population, they will increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions. Any non-Muslims action that offends Islam will result in uprisings and threats. After reaching 20%, expect hair trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings and church and synagogue burnings. At 40%, you will find widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks and ongoing militia warfare.”

With 60% of Muslim population, Islam fully rules. At 60% you may expect unfettered persecution of non-believers and other ethnic religions, sporadic ethnic cleaning and genocide, use of Sharia law as weapon and “Jizya” – the tax placed on infidels. After 80% – expect state run ethnic cleaning and genocides.

What we seeing now in Biafra land is State sponsored ethnic cleaning and genocide by sponsored by Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, the terrorist group that are in charge since 2015. And we are subjected into oppressions, bondage and slavery by a selfish, greedy, envious, cowardly and dishonorable Igbo politicians, traditional rulers and religious bigots ever to exist on planet earth.

One of the absurdities of Nigeria is that Nigerians claim to be practicing democracy with a constitution and civil laws, but Islam does not believe in democracy but Sharia and Koran.  They want theocracy and Sharia law not democracy and constitution.  The Fulani Jihadists, the Sokoto Caliphate, the Kaduna Mafia and the Northern cabals do not believe that Nigeria is a secular state, but an Islamic state.  Nigeria is not a secular democratic State but an Islamic country. The earlier we understand that and peacefully divide the country the better for everyone so that people can accommodate their common interests politically, religiously, socially and otherwise.

Islam does not recognize or operate in democracy because there is no freedom of speech, ideas, opinion, etc. In Islam, it is against the law to question Koran and Sharia much less criticize it.  You simply follow the rules. Islam is a political ideology and their justice system is Sharia.  It is a totalitarian ideology and you cannot question or criticize it.

Q6: Let us talk about Biafra Heroes/Heroines Remembrance Day on May 30th.  I read this is going to be a candle light with prayer and fasting and reading of entire Book of Psalm?

I like to start by thanking the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra – Mazi Nnamdi kanu, and his deputy – Mazi Uche Mefor and entire IPOB leadership worldwide for instituting Biafra Heroes and Heroines Day to be celebrated on May 30th of every year. It is a noble and commendable act to remember and celebrate the brave men and women who fought back with bare hands against a war that was waged upon them by Nigeria and their supporters which included Britain, former Soviet Union, Egypt, and league of Arab nations.

Since, most nations are still on lockdown and practicing social distancing due to Covid-19, this year’s celebration will be sit-at-home for everyone.  It began on May 27 with prayer and fasting to conclude on mid-night of May 29, with a candlelight procession. Yes, the entire book of Psalms 1 through 150 will be read during the 3-day fasting and specific prayer points.

This will would have been 53 years of Biafra nation had Britain, Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba and their global backers not truncated it. Fifty-three years later, many of us still imagine what Biafra nation would have become by now.

The Nigerian State honors the federal troop who fought to keep Nigeria one but will not honor the Biafran soldiers who defended their people especially civilians, children and women who were being massacred like chickens all over Nigeria.   The end of war slogan: “No victor, No vanquished and national reintegration, reconciliation and reconstruction slogans echoed by a hypocrite and coward Yakubu Gowon was just words and deceit. Yet, they talk about one Nigeria.

This past Monday, May 25, America celebrated their Memorial Day. On the last Monday of the month of May each year, Americans are always united in solemn remembrance of every member of the Armed Forces – Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen, etc. who had fought and died defending the United States of America in the never-ending struggle to preserve and protect the God-given liberty, justice and pursuit to life as enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, and codified as law in the Constitution.

Throughout this past weekend, Americans paid their deepest respect, gratitude, heartfelt thanks, and uncompromised faithfulness to their fallen heroes and heroines. Due to Covid -19, Memorial services and visits to national cemetery were not held throughout the entire United States of America like in the past.  Today, America is a beacon of hope for millions because their Armed Forces who stood courageously to defend freedom and their country from tyranny and lawlessness. Their steadfast devotion to duty, honor, and country is second to none.

And so, it is morally right that we pause and pray for our fallen heroes and heroines on the May 30th 2020.  We must memorialize and honor them for their bravery and courage until eternity come. We must cherish and honor the memories of those who served and paid the ultimate price that we may live. They epitomized the spirit of selflessness, valor, and service in their dedication and willingness to give their lives in the hope that others may live in freedom. We, Biafrans can never truly repay our brave warriors who laid down their lives to defend the blessed land of Biafra Republic.  They were united in a shared commitment and mutual belief in Biafra and in the principles of freedom and democracy.

Their heroic devotion to Biafra can never be forgotten. And so, starting from May 27 through this May 30th, let us all pray and fast to remember the heroes we lost and the ones we continue to lose today and pledge to prayerfully and loyally pay them the honor and respect for all time until eternity come.

May the souls of all the Biafran people who were massacred and still being murdered today by the Nigerian State continue to rest in eternal peace. Let us remember them and assure them that our freedom is sure.

Esther 9:28 says, “So these days were to be remembered and celebrated throughout every generation, every family, every province and every city; and  these days of Purim were not to fail from among the Jews, or their memory fade from their descendants.”

In the Book of Exodus 12:14, “Now this day will be a memorial to you, and you shall celebrate it as a feast to the LORD; throughout your generations you are to celebrate it as a permanent ordinance.”

May Chukwu Okike Abiama bless Mazi Nnamdi kanu, and his deputy – Mazi Uche Mefor and entire IPOB leadership worldwide and their future generations to come for establishing this memorial and especially for answering the divine call to free Biafran people from slavery and bondage!

Q7: Few weeks ago, we read a report where the Ohaneze Igbo Youth were planning to invite the ex-military head of State – General Yakubu Gowon to help the Igbos select a politician who led them to 2023 Presidency?

I think there is something seriously wrong in Igbo land.  This is no longer a laughing matter.  I think a lot of Igbos who were born during and after civil war needs to be examined to make sure they are properly made of Igbo stuck and not a mixture of Fulani, Hausa, or Yoruba blood.  There are certain things you hear and read that are simply nauseating.  How can any true bloodied Igbo son or daughter invite a genocidist, a war criminal, a coward and hypocrite to help select a presidential candidate for them?  The Ohaneze Igbo Youth are inviting a man who masterminded the pogrom and genocide and starvation of their people.  More 5 million Biafrans – mostly children and women perished in a war that could have been avoided, a meaningless war – if not to help his Fulani masters to conquer the East. Today, the same Fulani Janjaweed he helped are decimating his people in the Middle Belt and Gowon has not done anything to help his people.

I think that most of the people parading as leaders in Biafra land are true Biafrans.  I used hear to Rev. Gorge Onyeibe say in Radio Biafra Extra that the only place he will like to work in Biafra will be the DNA Office, in order to test all Biafrans – to make sure they are true and genuine Biafran people.  Because many of them were born by Fulani, Hausa, or Yoruba.  Or that they are simply saboteurs and efulefus and greedy, envious, selfish, and foolish.  How can any rightful thinking person even cogitate such things?  Gowon is a war criminal, a genocidist and hypocrite who will surely end up in hell fire.  I think most of these efulefus are paid money to make incendiary and hate statements just like some of the parasites and uncircumcised Fulani illiterates are doing in the north.

In 2019, one Igbo efulefu and slave of the Fulani caliphate – Osita Okechukwu encouraged Ndigbo to vote for Buhari saying that, Ndigbo’ll be major beneficiaries of Buhari’s 2nd term. Barely a year after that visionless and foolish statement, the late Buhari and his Fulani jihadists are seeking to exterminate and Islamize Ndigbo.

Didn’t Nnia Nwodo, the leader of Ohaneze not publicly said that he should rather be killed than killing any Fulani person in Igbo land?  Last month, he wrote a childish and coward letter begging the Fulani cabals sponsoring the Fulani herdsmen in Biafra land that he saw Fulani herdsmen openly carrying and displaying their AK-4 military style weapons in the public.  That it portends danger for his people.  And just last week, he defended the infected Almajiri and Fulani jihadist being dispatched to Biafran land for genocide, jihad and ethnic cleansing – that they are here to feed our people. Can you imagine such idiotic and senseless statements from a man who says he is educated, an elder and Ohaneze leader?

These political slaves speak from both side of their mouth. They are people without honor, integrity and shame.

It is so sad that Ndigbo and entire Biafrans have been reduced to slaves and beggars in Nigeria due to corrupt and coward political leadership.  Biafrans now resort to begging literally for everything in Nigeria They beg for their sons and daughters to be made a minister.  They beg to be made Speaker of National Assembly.  They beg to be made Senate President.  They beg to be made President of Nigeria which will never happen. They beg for their roads to be repaired.  They beg for the bridges in Biafra land to be built or repaired.  They beg for resource allocation to be given to them even though 80% of the nation’s resources are derived from their land.  They beg for an international airport even when Ndigbo/Biafrans are the most traveled in Africa and the world. They beg for their seaports to be opened while the Nigerian State is building dry seaports in Kaduna (North) and Ibadan (West).  Biafrans beg for everything in Nigeria.  You are tagged terrorist while Myetti Allah and Fulani Herdsmen – the world’s 4th and 5th terrorist sects in the world are not tagged terrorists in Nigeria.

Our greed, envy, jealousy, selfishness, and lack of foresight have destroyed us as a people. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is absolute correct in his assessment of the Igbo man.

Q8: On Valentine’s Day this past February, the parents of IPOB Nnamdi Kanu were peacefully laid to rest in their ancestral royal home despite the threats by Abia State Police Commissioner.  But luckily, everything went fine.

On the 14th of February, 2020 His Royal Majesty – King Eze Israel Okwu Kanu and his beautiful and loving wife – Queen Mrs. Ugoeze Nnenne Sally kanu were laid to rest in their royal home in Afra Ukwu Ubekwu Umuahia in Abia State.

Despite the cowardly, foolish and empty threat from the Abia State commissioner of Police, Fulani slave police boy-boy CP Okon, millions of Indigenous People of  Biafra descended in Umuhia to honor and pay their last respect to a couple that represent the father and mother of modern day Biafra freedom.  Royal kings, traditional rulers and Biafrans across the entire former Eastern region – including our brethren from rich oil Bakassi island came in mass to  honor the dead and to affirm the value of their life. It was a spectacular and magnificent celebration of life.

The late King Israel and Queen Sally Kanu were a couple of godly integrity and profound courage.  Sally Kanu was a women of valor, virtue, wisdom, charisma, purpose and courage.  They were special.

The Fulani slave police CP Okon is a disgrace for making such a senseless and foolish statement and threat to IPOB. As Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said in his radio broadcast on 2/8/2020, “if the useless police and army tried to disrupt IPOB and entire Biafran people from giving their Royal King and Queen a befitting burial on Friday, 2/14, IPOB will hunt for their children any where in world and kill them.” Tthe second civil war would have started that same very day. The threat from Abia State CP is the most foolish and idiotic threat by the slave boy serving the illiterate and uncircumcised Fulani jihadists can make in Biafra land.  Luckily for him, he did not try or attempt to carry out his empty, idiotic and foolish threat.

Q9: The IPOB leader – Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been giving messages upon messages to unmask the rot in Aso Rock.  Through his persistency and expose and coronavirus pandemic, people are beginning to see that there is no president but presidency.   The chief of staff, Abba Kyari is dead and others in Aso Rock are infected with Covid-19.

What is happening in Aso Rock since January 2017 will go down in history as one of the worst political frauds in the history of Nigeria.  Many Nigerians know very well that the clown in Aso Rock is not the Buhari we know.  In 2016, all of us saw the vegetative state of President Mohammadu Buhari in London.  He was brain dead, had liver complications among other major health conditions.  That was in 2016. The Fulani cabals with the knowledge of some key stakeholders in Nigeria political scam and fraud, brought in an imposter – a Buhari look-alike to impersonate president Buhari.  Mallam Jubril Aminu Al-Sudan, a Sudanese man was recruited from Saudi Arabia – and trained to speak like Buhari in London.  Jubril is also dead.  He died weeks after Abba Kyari died of Covid-19.  Now there is a clown – supposedly Aisha Buhari’s boy friend in Aso Rock wearing her late husband’s mask.

Recently, the master photo shopper and presidential media spokesperson – Femi Adesina admitted that the few speeches the Buhari imposter – Jubril gave on Covid-19 was not live but recorded speech while Channels TV and other Yoruba Media televised as if it was LIVE.

That proves Mazi Nnamdi kanu right that it was not made from Aso Rock but from a run down hotel in Cuba.  Can you imagine that?  Nigeria the giant of Africa.

And yet those who parade themselves as political elites and intellectuals are there stupidly and foolishly watching as the global community laugh over our stupidity and foolishness and cowardice.

The amalgamation of variant groups of more than 400 people and ethnic groups to form Nigeria in 1914 remains one of the great atrocities of the British Empire and they know it. Nigeria is a big scam, a fraud of immense proportion that must be destroyed.  It is a lawless, failed and leaderless contraption.  Moreover, there’s no unity amongst them. Nigeria has never been one and will never be one. Praying for Nigeria’s unity is wasted prayer. God of heaven will never never answer such prayer. Nigeria’s unity is a fraud and proponents of Nigeria’s unity are criminals and evil people. It is time various indigenous peoples that inhabit that hell to take back their life and destiny. Nigeria is simply a big scam and the greatest 419 ever perpetrated on Black Africans.

With the embrace of a new colonial master – the Chinese, the future of Nigeria is windswept than ever.

Q10: The urgency for unity of all Biafrans groups to restore Biafra nation.  How can IPOB work with State Governors, Ohanaze, and other Biafran groups to join hands to restore Biafra?  

I have been writing about the various pro-Biafra Groups and their leaders since the beginning of Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign state of Biafra (MASSOB), Asari Dokubo, a key figure in the Niger Delta struggle and others.  I have been invited by several of them to join including Bilie Human Rights Initiative (BHRI), Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN) and others. I joined Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), after meeting with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in Atlanta Georgia last year.

He is a very charismatic leader, humble, ability to listen and incredibly eloquent and brilliant.  He is a great orator and brilliant historian. But more than these, he is an incredible man of prayer and a messenger.  He is angry and you cannot be a freedom fighter without some anger in you – especially seeing the foolishness, selfness and stupidity of our people.  You cannot lead the Igbo and entire Biafra people without some of those qualities. So, people should stop envying and hating him.  Their envy, hatred, jealousy will destroy them.  Even those working day and night to betray and kill him, are wasting their time.  He has a gospel message – which is the gospel of Biafra.  Only Chuwkwu Okike Abiama will take him home when it is time.

Also, Nnamdi Kanu is not Madela, Martin Luther King Jr., or even Ghandi.  Those were human rights icons, Nnamdi Kanu is a freedom fighter like Moses, Jesus, etc.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is fighting to liberate Biafra nation from the Nigeria State.  He is not fighting for right to vote, right to be president, right to live and be treated fairly and with equity in Nigeria.  Even though are those things are true but Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is fighting to free the Biafra people and Land from Fulani conquest and islamization.

It is time we unite to free our land and people from Fulani jihad and conquest. The Ijaw, Efik/Ibi-bio, Igala, Idoma, Ishekiri, Isoko, Izon, Irobo/Urhobo, Igbanke, and Igbo have the same cultural practices like observing four market days, their married women tie two-piece wrappers, related languages, almost the same kind of food, etc.

Unity is key to our freedom and essential for our survival as people.  There is strength in unity and no substitute for unity.  Disunity will destroy all of us and allow Fulani to conquer and Islamize us all.

It is time brave Biafrans – sons and daughters of Biafra wake-up from their slumber to confront this satanic attack carefully designed by the Islamic Nigeria – especially the political-religious jihad of Hausa/Fulani/Yoruba and their British friends to marginalize, destabilize our land and destroy our people and destiny. All genuine Biafrans MUST wake up from their slumber to re-negotiate their continued co-habitation and destiny in today’s Nigeria. We must unite now to confront our common enemy – which is One Nigeria. One-Nigeria has destroyed our brains and distorted our character and conscience as people.

We are not also fighting to tear down the 1999 Constitution or fight for a true federalism.  That will never happen in Nigeria where Fulani jihadists have hijacked all the powers of governance in Nigeria.  Moreover, Islam does not recognize or operate in democracy because there is no freedom of speech, ideas, opinion, etc. In Islam, it is against the law to question Koran and Sharia much less criticize it. You simply follow the rules. Islam is a political ideology and their justice system is Sharia. It is a totalitarian ideology and you cannot question or criticize it.

We cannot continue to look to the global powers global powers because they failed us before and will fail us again. We must get ready – do whatever we need to do to arm ourselves and prepare for this imminent battle to free our land and people from one-Nigeria bondage, slavery and islamization. We must be free or we all perish. Our existence is meaningless if we continue in one-Nigeria fraud, scam, and bondage.

It is time to liberate and free Biafran people from ethnic hatred, systemic injustice, economic strangulation, political oppression, religious violence, and radical Islamic political ideology of the Nigerian State. Biafrans want to be freed from subjugation, oppression, marginalization, mediocrity, incompetence, jihadism, tyranny, poverty, disease, and hopelessness of Nigeria. Biafrans are tired of living in bondage, slavery and servitude. It is time for Biafran people to live in freedom, liberty, justice, pursuit of happiness and prosperity like other civilized peoples and nations. Now, is the time to declare Biafra!
The Rev. Dr. C. K. Ekeke, is a theologian, author, activist and leadership coach. He is the author of Leadership Wisdom – Keys for Authentic and Effective Leadership, among other books.


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