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El Rufai Submits New Bill to Regulate Religious Preaching in Kaduna State

The governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai stirred the hornet’s nest lately with a bill reports said he sent to the Kaduna State House of Assembly for the purpose of radically regulating religious preaching when passed to law. With the title: ‘A Bill for a Law to Substitute the Kaduna State Religious Preaching Law, 1984, the legislation in the making seeks to ban the use of loudspeakers for religious purposes other than inside a Mosque or Church and the surrounding areas outside stipulated times for prayers; prohibit playing or circulating all cassettes, CDs, flash drives or any other communication gadgets containing religious recordings from accredited preachers other than inside one’s house, porch, Church, Mosques and other designated places of worship; as well as playing any cassette containing religious recordings in which abusive language is used against any person or religious organisation or religious leaders (past or present).

Other highlights of the proposed piece of legislation include the establishment of two committees, one from the Jama’atu Nasir Islam for Muslims; and another from the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) for Christians. The two committees are to issue licenses approved by an Interfaith Ministerial Committee, also to be set up, to preachers. The Inter-faith Ministerial Committee shall exercise supervisory control over the JNI and CAN committees. No external preacher can preach in Kaduna State without a permit issued by the Interfaith Ministerial Committee.

According to the the proposed bill, “Any proven violator of the proposed law shall be liable to a two-year jail term or a fine of N200, 000; while Sharia and Customary Courts shall have the jurisdiction to try violators when the bill is passed to law”

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