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Huge IPOB Demonstrations in Austria at British, Nigerian and American Embassies in Vienna

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Another huge demonstration by the Biafra Movement IPOB took place today in Vienna Austria in support of the release of Nnamdi Kanu and for the Independence of Republic of Biafra. They are angry for the killings of innocent Biafran Demonstrators by the Nigerian Government. Some condemned the Biafra state governors and their roles by collaborating with the Government to kill Biafran peaceful demonstrators.

The rally which was very vociferous took place at three venues, The British, Embassy, The Nigerian Embassy, and The American Embassy, in Vienna Austria. Among the speakers interviewed by the Austrian news man was a White Austrian  wife of one of the demonstrators who made a case for reasons why Biafra should get their independence. the demonstrators were singing some old solemn and passionate Biafra “War songs pleading with their fathers and mothers not to worry about them, that if they die fighting for Biafra they would meet them again some day”. The Austrian IPOB Movement is a very organized group, they have documented a video of what they called atrocities against Biafrans and are presenting the videos to American, British and other foreign embassies in Vienna.

Africa Business World is presenting the Full Video link of what transpired in Vienna Austria today. Listen to the questions asked by Austrian News Media and the responses.

Here is the video


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