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Ify Hollywood Exclusive Interview with Africa Business World

Here is another edition of Africa Business World Exclusive Interview with Movie Actress Ify Hollywood conducted by the Editor in Chief of ABW Prof. Okechukwu P. Oranika

Okey: Ify kedu ka imere ?

Ify: Odi mma

Okey: Dalu nke ukwu Ada Igbo?

Ify: Dalu Nwanne mmadu

Okey: Because of the importance of this subject I will start this interview by asking you this question pertaining to the decline of Igbo Language and Culture. In your view why are we Igbos always very comfortable speaking English Language when communicating with fellow lgbos?

Ify: Well, It’s really not a secret that our lgbo brothers and sisters are very interested in showcasing their good English language skills all the time English comes very natural and they want to express themselves that way, I believe they still do a lot of Communication in lgbo, at least for those that I know

Okey: Do you have any ideas you want to share with Ndlgbo why we must speak and teach our children lgbo language at home?

Ify: It is a good idea for us to communicate in lgbo as much as we can to maintain our heritage, especially those of us abroad, I do but, that of teaching the kids lgbo Language, to that I plead guilty. I have two kids, I never really encouraged them to learn how to speak lgbo language, not because I don’t want them to learn it, but it was never a priority, may be because of my family situation. I am from Enugu State and my Husband is from Edo State, Ishan to be precise. So we all communicate in English, besides he doesn’t know how to speak Ishan Language very well because he was born in Lagos and speaks Yoruba fluently,

Okey:That is understandable but the point to be made here is that there is no reason why an Igbo man married to an Igbo woman does not communicate with her in Igbo at home and more importantly they do not teach their children  Igbo language at home. Let me change the subject here by asking you what motivated your movie acting Career?

Ify: Well, regarding my acting career. acting is just a part of me  I’ve always been drawn to the Entertainment arena ever since my youthful days.  Acting, Dancing, Singing and indeed sporting activities are also very natural to me and have been part of me right from the beginning,

Okey: In your view what are some of the challenges facing female actresses whether in Nollywood or Hollywood?

Ify: Well, not having enough of female movie directors is a problem but Sexism is the biggest problem facing many women in acting careers. Believe it or not, it is the same challenges women face in other fields, but it’s some times more blunt in the entertainment field. Other examples of women problems within the entertainment industry include harassment, gossips and no equal pay

Okey: You attended Holly Child Secondary School in Lagos, a very good school by any stretch of imagination; did you grow up in Lagos?

Ify: I grew up partially in Lagos. I was born in Port Harcourt, Holly Child College was a very good school, I attended that school for about two years, I transferred to another school because they offered me a full scholarship. I was good in sports, tracks and handball. As a matter of fact, I represented Nigeria in handball as a Team Captain Nationally. I still have my gold medals here in United States.

Okey: Wonderful you are a multi-talented lady. When you completed secondary school you moved from Lagos to kano and was noticed by Kano State tv productions staff can you say that your acting Career started in Kano?

Ify: kind of; although I did some stage plays in elementary and secondary school, it was in kano I got my first gig.

Okey: In kano you developed interest into variety show, how come?

Ify: After my High School I was doing a part time job at UBA Bank when kano state production staff advised me to come and audition for that role.

Okey: After obtaining Diploma in television production in London, you moved to United States, and attended University of Oregon. What degree did you received?

Ify: I got my BA in Telecommunication and film with a minor in Acting.

Okey: You played major role in many movies, which of your movies do you like the most?

Ify: It’s the movie called “Queen in LA.”

Okey: “Here comes the boom” I bet this was a fun movie, can you tell us about your role in that movie?

Ify: I played the role of a girlfriend of one of the Leading male actors. He was one of the Gangsters, they deal on drugs, spend lots of money. We partied hard and had fun.

Okey: You also played a Leading Role in the Movie “Queen in LA”, what was that movie briefly about?

Ify: The movie “Queen in LA.” is about Human Trafficking and I played the role of the Queen who had anxiety and expresses it through manipulating young women and men who were promised the American Dream, she forces them into prostitution being drug carriers and various life threatening situations.

Okey: You will be in Atlanta for the Miss Igbo Universe Cultural Heritage Pageant in October 26, 2019. Ndigbo are once more turning back to their language and culture because any cultural group that loses their language and Culture loses their existence any thoughts on this?

Ify: Yes I will be in Atlanta for the Miss Igbo Universe Cultural Pageant this October, it will be a great event and I encourage Ndigbo to embrace this event as theirs. Regarding Igbo Language we have to redirect our efforts understanding the mistake we’ve made by not teaching our kids Igbo language from get go; we must start telling them stories about Igbo land. Parents should make sure our culture and language are explained to the children. Encourage the children to visit Nigeria every two years from now all new born Igbo children must be taught Igbo Language All ethnic groups here in the US do so. Ilu Igbo kwuru si na mmiri di neju doro Nwankita

Okey: I say Amen to this. What’s next for Ify Hollywood?

Ify: I am finishing a new movie called “Searching for Mr. Right”, which will be premiering this year 2019. on June 1st, I will be traveling to Paris for an international movie called “Ladies Trip.” It has been a good year for me, I thank God for everything. I will like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for Coordinating this Interview with me.

Okey: On Behalf of Africa Business World, I will like to extend our profound thanks and gratitude to you Ify for granting us this exclusive interview Daalu Chukwu Gozie gi Ada Igbo


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