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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu most consequential lecture, broadcast of 19th August, 2020 by C. K. Ekeke

Since Mazi Nnamdi Kanu resurfaced at the prayer Wall in Jerusalem on October 2017 after nearly one year recovery following the cowardly assassination attempt on his life in his royal family home by the Nigerian state, he has been giving eye-popping lectures and making incisive broadcasts.

He has given many remarkable lectures including the exposition of the monumental political fraud in Aso Rock being perpetrated by Fulani Caliphate who have essentially hijacked all powers of government (political, military and economic) in the lawless, corrupt, terrorist and failed contraption called Nigeria.  In addition, the Fulani cabals created and sponsor well-known deadly terrorist sects namely – Boko Haram, ISIS of West Africa, Fulani herdsmen, Myetti Allah, Fulani bandits and Ansaru terrorist groups to continue to terrorize and intimidate the indigenous peoples. These murderous terrorist sects are busy raping our women, maiming our youths and massacring unarmed Christians and Indigenous Peoples enslaved in Nigeria. Today, these terrorists live in our forests and bushes and have encircled our communities.

Mazi Kanu has also taught extensively on the meaning Nigeria – which is derived from the word “Nigga-Area,” which literally means black area.  It also means evil area, which was forcefully amalgamated together by a British mercenary, Sir Lugard Luggard, who was sent packing from India and sent to Africa for British continued conquest and colonialization agenda of Africa.

However, Kanu’s teachings on Biafran people, culture, and identity have been eye-opening.  His teaching on boundary of Biafra – any where women tie two-piece rapper is Biafra region and that includes Igbo, Efik, Ibibio, Anang, Ogoni, Ogoja, Ikwere, Ijaw, Itsekiri, Isoko, Izon, Irobo/Urhobo, Oron, Igala, Idoma and Igbanke peoples.  These people groups have the same cultural practices like observing four market days, their married women tie two-piece wrappers, speak related languages, and eat almost the same kind of foods, etc.

However, his teaching on August 19, 2020 on the Jewish heritage of Igbo race – the Nsude Pyramids located in Udi, Enugu, Circumcision of male child on the 8th day – which was God’s command to Abraham for identification of His people, the Star of David or Seal of Solomon on the first Nigerian Flag, which was associated with native Igbo Jews in Augulri in former Anambra State is the most consequential of all his teachings and lectures till date.  How can anyone negate these naked truths that clearly proof the Igbo Jewish ancestry?

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Flag of Nigeria (1914–1960) – Wikipedia

In 2002, I embarked on a rigorous research for my Master of Divinity thesis which led me to write about the Jewish heritage of Ndoki people – where I come from. That study led me to uncover hiding truths including the names of several villages in Ndoki land found in the Holy Book – Bible.  Sadly, today, Ndoki communities are split into three States – Abia, Akwa Ibom, and Rivers and they do not longer consider themselves as one people.  That is what happened to Biafran people groups entrapped in the Nigga-area.

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Today, it is so sad that Biafrans – God’s people are now reduced to slaves and beggars in Nigeria by the uncircumcised, illiterate and cattle rearing Fulani tribe.  And this abomination occurred largely due to corrupt, selfish, envious and coward political leadership in Biafra land.  Biafrans now resort to begging literally for everything in Nigeria.  They beg for their sons and daughters to be made a minister.  They beg to be made Speaker of National Assembly.  They beg to be made Senate President.  They beg to be made governor of their own State.  They beg to be made President of Nigeria which will never happen. They beg for their roads to be repaired.  They beg for the bridges in Biafra land to be built or repaired.  They beg for resource allocation to be given to them even though 80% of the nation’s resources are derived from their land.  They beg for their son or daughter to be appointed in the NNPC board.  They beg for an international airport even when Ndigbo/Biafrans are the most traveled in Africa and the world. They beg for their seaports to be opened while the Nigerian State built dry seaports in Kaduna (North) and Ibadan (West).  Biafrans beg for everything in Nigeria – even their God-given right to live.

The Indigenous People of Biafra peacefully seeking for freedom are tagged terrorist group only in Nigeria while Boko haram, ISWA, Myetti Allah, Fulani herdsmen, Fulani bandits and Ansaru terrorist groups – the world’s third, fourth and fifth terrorist sects in the world are not tagged terrorists in Islamic Nigeria.

Today, Biafra land is encircled by Fulani terrorist foot soldiers to carry out ethnic cleaning and genocide by sponsored by Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, the terrorist group that have been in charge since 2015. The late Muhammadu Buhari gave Myetti Allah 100 billion Naira without House approval and for no justification.  Today, their sponsored Fulani terrorist soldiers live in our forests, bushes and communities committing all manner of atrocities – raping vulnerable young girls and our mothers, maiming and massacring our youths and men.  We have been subjected to this satanic oppression, bondage and slavery by a selfish, greedy, envious, cowardly and dishonorable Igbo politicians, traditional rulers and religious bigots ever to exist on planet earth.

While the global community tagged Nigeria a terrorist and failed State, Igbo politicians are gallivanting all over the place begging to be made president or Vice president of a failed State.  What a shame and disgrace we have become due to greed, envy, jealousy, and selfishness. Lack of vision for collective future, courage and foresight have destroyed us as a people. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is absolutely correct in his assessment of the Igbo man today.

The Igbo efulefus, saboteurs and those fathered by Fulani, Hausa and Yoruba insult and attack a messenger sent by God to deliver all of us from oppression, bondage, enslavement and islamization because of our collective stupidity, ignorance, greed, envy and jealousy.

I thank and praise the Creator each blessed day for sending us such a lover of truth and wise teacher in the person of Mazi Nnmadi Kanu. By the way, I support 100% the Star of David on the enhanced Biafra flag and also advocate Biafra to be a Judeo-Christian nation.

Now, I can conclude without any shadow of doubt whatsoever in my mind that the root cause of Biafra hatred in Nigga-area and even globally is because of who we are – our identity and who we claim to be.  And as long as we remain in one-Nigeria bondage and den of death, we will continue to be slaves and beg for everything including our God-given right to live.

The Indigenous People of Biafra and other indigenous people amalgamated in the evil contraption called Nigeria must continue to do whatever it takes to free their land and their people from the evil plot to enslave, Islamize and fulanize Nigga-area. Without freedom, our life and very existence are meaningless in one-Nigga-area. Nigeria is the reason Black people do not have respect and are imprisoned and killed around the world with impunity.

The Rev. Dr. C. K. Ekeke, is a theologian, author, activist and leadership coach. He is the author of Leadership Wisdom – Keys for Authentic and Effective Leadership, among other books.


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