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Oshiomhole ‘ll ruin APC’s chances – Osa Director

Biochemist, journalist, lawyer, Barrister Osa Director, even though a member of the APC is an avid supporter of the PDP’s candidate, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu. He speaks in this interview the case for the PDP candidate.

By Gabriel Enogholase

IT is being said that Gov. Oshiomhole’s good work will be an advantage to Obaseki especially in Benin. Do you agree?

Who told you Benin people are rooting for Oshiomhole? I am not an invincible Benin man, but I detest politics of hypocrisy, embellishment and lies. I can emphatically say that the gods and ancestors of Benin Kingdom have since forsaken Oshiomhole and all that he represents. That rejection is waiting for manifestation on September 28, 2016. When you talk of performance, I will agree with you that no sensible person will tell you that Oshiomhole has not done anything. But there are serious questions flowing such acclaimed performance. What is the cost of Oshiomhole’s performance?

 Osa Director Osa Director
Osa Director

It may appear unfair to solely judge Governor Oshiomhole for whatever is presumed to be his personal flaws rather than on his political achievement while in office.

Oshiomhole’s utterances are very strange to our traditions of respect for elders. You can disagree with elders on issues and even criticize them, but direct personal insult is intolerable. Oshiomhole literarily turned Chief Tony Anenih to his chewing stick. He has personally insulted all prominent Edo sons. The recent one, being his calling the eminent Dr. Tony Iredia a poor man for daring to criticize him. Who is Oshiomhole with his background of peasantry to call Dr. Iredia a poor man? Even in the next world, if there is any, Oshiomhole cannot achieve and attain the professional heights of Dr. Iredia, who is a distinguished

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