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President Trump to Weigh in on Jussie Smolette Case

Jussie Smolette was cleared of the 16 charges he was facing in Chicago few days ago and he may very well not be out of the woods yet. Donald Trump the president of the United States has stepped in and says that the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation will be investigating to see if any Federal crimes were committed by Jussie Smolette.

You remember that Smolette charged that two Nigerian men the Osundare brothers attacked him in what the police later says did not happen. Smolette was arrested by the Chicago Police and charged with 16 counts in that case, All of those charges were just dropped in a strange move by the Chicago Police,

“The department of Justice and FBI will step The agency began probing whether Smollett had any role in sending a threatening letter that was mailed to the actor at the Chicago studio where “Empire” is filmed a week before the alleged assault, a federal government official who has been briefed on the investigation told USA TODAY. FBI officials in Chicago declined to comment” according to a story published by USA today  ABW will bring you more on this strange story

Okechukwu Oranika Reporting


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