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US Considers Military Response To New Chemical Attack by Bashar al-Assad of Syria

A new Chemical attack allegations have been made against the Syrian government of Assad. The attacks allegedly occurred on Saturday Night April 7th according to the reports made by a Syrian “White Helmet organization” which tweeted the following words, accompanied by several photo images

“entire families in shelters gassed to death in #Douma #EastGhouta hiding in their cellars, suffocated from the poisonous gas bringing the initial death toll to more than 40.” 

“The State Department says it is monitoring reports of a possible chemical weapons attack that may have killed dozens of civilians in the Syrian city of Douma” The released statement noted,

Chemical attacks in Syria 2

“We continue to closely follow disturbing reports on April 7 regarding another alleged chemical weapons attack, this time targeting a hospital in Douma, Syria,” State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said.

Other reports coming out of Syria, also confirmed the attacks some said that large number of casualties mostly women and young children were gassed to death.

The last time Assad government used Chemical attacks against its citizens resulted in a swift response from Donald Trump when some cruise Missiles were fired on Syrian Targets.

According to more news report, “More than 80 people were killed in a suspected chemical attack on the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun in north-western Syria on 4 April”

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