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Will Peter Obi Lead Igbos to the Promise Land?

Many Igbos and other Nigerians  have lost faith in the Nigerian Experiment and many are disillusioned about the chances of attaining equity in the one Nigeria experiment which for one thing has not worked in the past. It will take one with a free mind and an escalated level of objectivity and consciousness to deductively arrive at this inescapable conclusion.

Many people see the above pictures as ultimate Anointing for Peter Obi by one and only Ikemba 1 even when it was done within the context of Anambra Politics. Can this Anointing be stretched to National Politics? Many of us ask this question whether those of us Christians can coexist with the ideology of Islam?

Many people are not able to answer or address this question and provide rationale for such existence in an environment where one religion is seen and used as a state religion and anyone who does not believe in it is regarded as Infidel and often targeted for attacks. Understandably emphasis for many peopl is focused on survivability and issues of economics which they use to justify their current status quo for being part of Nigeria.

Assuming that PDP comes to power again and Peter Obi assumes the Vice Presidential mantle, is he being positioned in for the Presidency after the era of the North? Remember that despite the fact that Nigeria practices so called Democracy, the system it uses is based on the unwritten rule of one president from the south will be succeeded by another president from the north. this is wrong if we will use such criteria it should have been one president from the north, one president from the west and one president from the east in line with existing colonies which the British amalgamated to form one Nigeria but this is not the focus point here.

But in the past Igbos have been there, you remember a man called Ekwueme and his debacle. But be that as it may the Igbos hold the answers to these questions in their own hands. Whether we seek for independence or choose to remain as part of one Nigeria the process involves much leadership skills and talent. This is our manifest destiny and whether such decision is done now or later, at some point it must be undertaken because we are free people. Nnamdi Kanu’s call for election boycott is not the answer, I see such pronouncement as exercise in futility, and an example that will produce an unfavorable result for Ndigbo.

These small minded mentality of some of our Igbo leaders and governors of today has not served us well. But this decision of remaining as part of one Nigeria or seek Independence may ultimately be made by the younger generation of Igbos and others in the Biafran territories, who seems more poised to take on the leadership mantle.

I have always observed Peter Obi’s Political moves with keen interest. His trip to the Vatican to meet and receive Papal blessings for the office he is currently seeking was a good move to many people. Until the big decision is made of whether to remain as part of Nigeria we will look up to the PDP government (If they win power again) to see if some wrongs of the past can be ameliorated) If not if Buhari remains in power, all hope may be lost by not only Igbos but many other Nigerians as well

Written by Okechukwu P. Oranika (Odezuligbo 1)



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